Career and passion: The fictional reality!

Follow your passion!

Do what you love, love what you do!

Must be feeling really excited…right?

It surely gives you an adrenaline rush all over your body when you come across such quotes and the next moment, you say to yourself ... hey, let’s just build the career around something I’m passionate for but then you face the ground reality and after calculating the risks involved, facepalm🤦‍♀️

The next question that arises is, why?

Why are you not ready to take the risk, if you are truly passionate about something?

If that’s your calling then why won’t you pursue it?

Is there something that is more important to you than your passion?

Firstly, we have to analyze certain myths around these tempting sayings and notions over the internet that takes us into a fictional world, promising us everything pink and rosy.

Follow your passion:

Great but don’t confuse it with career entirely because the two major reasons for building a career are financial stability and growth. Money is the biggest motivation that is practically implemented all over the globe and that’s why people are into jobs that don’t interest them at all. The sigh of relief they get after earning a decent amount at the end of a month or year motivates them to keep doing what they are doing and being strictly professional about it. hence, work is work. No strings attached😅.

To build a good career, you need skills and that’s what you have to seek and polish timely, to keep up the good work. Instead of looking for a passion, look for the skills that come naturally to you whether it’s communication, analytical, creative, reasoning abilities or something else. When you will realise that you are really good at one of these skills, you will feel more invested in work and eventually perform well.

If you are doing something you love, then you won’t feel like working at all🤦‍♀️.

Again, it’s a myth! If you want results then you have to work for it. The only difference is if you feel a driving force then you will be much more invested in the type of work that you are doing. Let’s say there is an artist and he loves to paint, this is his driving force but he also has to work day and night to create a masterpiece which will give him a sense of contentment once it will be done. To feel that high, he has to struggle on every front whether it be a minor flaw or the finishing touch. Moral of the story is there are no free lunches, you have to work hard for everything in life.

Passion is an emotion. We yearn to stay connected with it which is normal but it necessarily doesn’t require you to confuse it with career. If you really like doing something then you definitely should. Make time for it and give it some space in your life too. Don’t let it die but expecting financial benefits out of it might lead to disappointments, depression and failures. Then you might end up giving up your passion for life.

But yes, if you have strong financial background then life has surely given you options to pick and choose as per your convenience😝 but not everyone is sailing in the same boat. So, calculate the risks accordingly and don’t get influenced by others. Everyone has different story and you have to make your own independent one. Happily, ofcourse😊

Hey, that doesn’t mean that passion and career are two parallel lines that can never intersect. You never know when a single diversion might lead to a world of dreams. Anything is possible as life in unpredictable.

So, you don’t have to give up on your passion but just don’t succumb to the temptation. Acknowledge the thin line between reality and fiction.

Planning is the key!

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Dealing with people…

why are they behaving this way?

What did I do?


We all have struggled with these questions at some point in our lives for sure and yes, that includes me as well. I used to feel there must be some reason if someone behaves in a certain way and especially if it involves someone at the receiving end.  So, I thought about it, tried to pinpoint every possible reason but nothing really made any sense to it and I got my answer that yes, this process just makes no sense. If you’re someone struggling with such a situation and finding answers, my advice is to STOP right there. It’s a vicious circle of overthinking and over analyzing everything around you to end up pulling your hair and that will hurt (pun intended😁). So, what should be done?

First, put that person in the hierarchy of importance in your life.

if that person is an acquaintance, you are sorted. JUST IGNORE because these people might have any foolish reason to be mean to you like insecurities, jealousy and stupidity😛 and really that shouldn’t matter to you because you don’t matter to them and they have no place in your life to feel anything for you. So, Just Focus on your aim and let them be the way they are. Build a beautiful life and let them feel more jealous. It’s sometimes fun😅. Basically, you don’t need to disturb your mental peace for them.

Now, If that person is your friend and really important to you, we need to do something about this situation because it’ll affect you some way or the other. The simplest and effective solution is to TALK. Yes, it’s that simple. I know every person is different and sometimes a little misunderstanding can lead to arguments and eventually fights as well but still try to talk calmly and know the reason. Assure that person that they are important to you and it’s imperative to talk and sort this out. If they are willing to mend up things, it’s definitely gonna work out. Now, the reason they give you needs to be looked upon too. If that reason needs some work done from your end then go for it but Let’s say they give you a non-negotiable reason which leaves you like 😒. Then, you need to maintain a safe distance from them for your mental peace. All the best!!

The scariest of them all, Family. One thing you have to get straight that THERE IS NO WAY OUT. You have to come to a middle ground approach with them. Remember, relatives are like acquaintances. So, just ignore. But when it comes to our immediate family members, you can’t ignore that situation. First things first, they have a reason for everything. So, you have to be understanding of their reasons and make them understand yours. There is no other bliss than family which implies that you need to ensure that you make peace with them without fail!

I hope my Gyaan helps you a bit through your journey of mental peace. So, all the best and do like, comment and follow if something resonates with you😊

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